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    • Hello when was last detecion for apex legend cheats? 
    • Our latest update to the Apex Legends product includes two new features which, after a lot of internal testing, we're happy to release to our customers.   Seer Health & Shield Bars   When activated within the menu, you will be able to see the Seer Health & Shield bars on all enemies permanen.     Auto Loot   When activated within the menu, you will automatically pick-up loot objects near you (including in deathboxes or behind walls/doors).
    • DISCLAIMER -  sorry for my English Hello Skinbags,   I used this chease to reach masters in the first split (season 10)  without a ban but you know like all others cheese u can't escape from a manual ban so used only semi-rage settings and common sense to be not as blatant as possible...so, if ur expecting a chease which makes u immune to ban even if u play so blatant then good luck finding one.   okay...here is the review of the chease->->->   Aimbot is highly configurable which suits all playstyles that you can find. The silent aim in the chease does the job as intended. ESP in this  chease is soo good as it has SEER health HUD, Glow etc... It all works without any bug or lag Customer support is extremely good TBH  For support, we have 3 platforms to reach out ---Telegram,  Discord ,  Website support tab . I used many cheese but all had only one platform to reach out for support. this Chease comes with HWID spoofer .....no one in the marked gave HWID spoofer with chease --->>>  I know what you are thinking....as other chease that you loved previously didn't give spoofer as it is secure/have better security that you didn't get banned . so , y need a spoofer?🤔---->> but those providers asked you to use legit look settings or asks you to be not blatant....so if you got banned using them they just sell u HWID spoofer for extra money.---->>those all we have better security and things are catchphrase and u fell for it ..nice job.. So as I said this chease suits all playstyles ....so if u rage and get banned we provide HWID spoofer to bypass ban....so , simply no one chease in market that can suit all your playstyle.....💥 The chease setup after purchase is easy and less painfull as u just need to disable and uninstall some options ,apps and features that's all....many other chease provider will likely ask you to disable Literrally every Service that exits in your system and many more. ""I really have to talk about loader....it's the simple yet best loader u can get in a chease ......it makes HWID spoofing and chease loading into a game so easy ad seamless. all HWID bypass, cheese loading and starting Apex legends can be done in under a minute which is crazy all you have to do is a single click then you are good to go"" Conclusion --->> I can't find any other perfect cheese like this one ( good luck finding one other than this).
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